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My lovely Tag Mclaren AV32R (from 2000) died and I've been out of the upgrade loop for a long time. Since Tag is no longer around as a company, what should I be looking for in a modern processor?

I plan to connect it to a 12TB HTPC via HDMI. The HTPC holds all my music and movies and plays Blu-Ray.

I have a 6.1 speaker setup and am looking for something great with music and movies. I just want a clean processor with Dolby IIx. I have not used Audyssey room correction, so I don't know if it would be useful to me.

I already have 2 Parasound amps, so I don't want/need a receiver.

For now, I plan to use an Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Analog outs to the Power-amp directly.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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ShopOnkyo has the SC886 on sale for $999 - join their 'club' and receive $50 off plus $10 for joining the club.

Right now until the 15th they also have an additional 10% off all refurbished items.

That brings it in under $850 by my calculator. Thats quite a deal. IIRC they do not charge for shipping.
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