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hi guys. i've been lurking for a while on the various newsgropus pertaining to home theaters and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few questions. Let me first say that I have spent hours looking through posts and doing searches to find these answers. I don’t want you guys to think that I just want quick answers w/o doing my homework =) But honestly, any help you guys can offer would be great. I recently, ummmm “acquired†a NEC Multisync MT1040 and have been looking into setting up a home theater in my apartment. Now I have compute knowledge, so I’m not a complete idiot, but I am a relative newbie when it comes to HT PC stuff. The specs from the MT1040 are as follows

Brightness 1300 Lumens

Image Size: 30 - 300 inches diagonal

Zoom Lens, Power F1.8-2.2, f=49.3-59.3mm

Projection Distance 4.3-36.8ft (1.3m-11.2m)

True Resolution XGA (1024x768)

Compressed Resolution SXGA (1280x1024)

Auto-Resize Yes

Rear Screen Yes

Type of Projection LCD Poly-sci, 3 Panel

Number of Colors 16.7 Million

Lamp Type NSH lamp, 150 Watts

Contrast Ratio 300:1

Inputs 2 Computer (PC card), 2 Video, Audio (HDTV optional)

I guess it is more of a presentation projector than a HT projector but can it still serve as a relatively fair HT projector?

I hooked it up to a DVD player and displayed it against the far plain white wall in my room and it looked pretty good. I know how to tweak all the settings for video and such to make the pic look its best. I’m defiantly not complaining, as it beats the hell out of my old 19’ television but I did notice that the colors don’t look quite as sharp as a regular CRT television. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I guess this is one of the cons of a projection system for HT use (or so I have read).

When I hooked a playstation 2 up to it, I liked the size of the screen (duh) but the resolution was off a bit. I mean I could almost tell that it was being projected from a lcd screen because you could see the little bars and the sharp angles from the line matrix design of the video game. But again I’m not complaining. Now the MT1040 has not composite input but does have S-Video. For the record, is the difference that much noticeable between the two?

I didn’t use the S-video hook up to watch the DVD either, so maybe that will offer some improvement. My DVD player has S-video and composite, but like I said the projector doesn’t have composite support. Also I see that radio shack has a composite to S-Video converter, would this be any better than just using the S-video to S-video connection?

Brightness in the room isn’t an issue with the picture quality, it’s completely dark. My wall is completely white, would a screen make the image quality any better?

I’ll tell you what I have the MAME emulator as well as the NES and Super NES emulators and tons of games and they are fuin as hell to play in a projected big screen. So I guess with the above questions in mind, what can you guys recommend me to do to maximize the experience assuming the MT1040 can handle being a HT projector? How does this hardware compair to the average HT enthusiast? The audio part I have taken care of, I’m just concerned about getting the best picture quality. Can the colors be made crisper? Thanks so much for any info you guys can share with me. If there are any good websites or f.a.q.’s you can direct me to then that would be great. I totally understand if you don’t want to take the time to educate my ass on the subject, good resources would be fine. Thanks.
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