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Taking a break.....

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I will be unavailable until Monday due to my fortune to have made it to my 35th Wedding Anniversary (...today...) and the Wife has clearly stated that one of the best gifts I could give her is my voluntary abstinence from being available on demand for everyone else "but" her.

I hope this will not cause any undue inconvenience....everyone have a great weekend.

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Regardless of the situation, for you and all your contributions a break is well deserved.

Given that you have also made it to your 35th anniversary Congratulations are in order.....CONGRATULATIONS!


Enjoy the time away and we look forward to hearing from you upon your return.
It is good to have a wife that has loved you for 35 years and at the same time allowed you to spend your time helping out average DIY like myself and others. You have made it possible for many people to make a screen at half the cost of a manufactured one but the same results. We DIY'S will be just fine without you for a few days so go enjoy your Anniversary. I pray there are more to come for you and your wife......Of course there's no guarantee that by time you get back on here, the DIY section hasn't went up in a ball of flame, and come to a complete ruin due to mass chaos and disorder with everyone soaked in paint from lack of instruction...Just kidding.
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Ok....I'm back. Thanks for the few well wishes. Somebody should have warned me again that two Blue Moons over Dinner combined with sharing a entire Bottle of Asti Spumanti might be somewhat ill advised. I actually already knew that...but seemed to have forgotten.

I won't forget again.
Oh well, oh well!?!

Happy anniversary to both of you!
Asti paired with any beer of substance has always resulted in horrific hangovers in my experiance. My wife (and thus i) enjoy Asti as the bubbly of choice. Interestingly enough I have found the effect (massive hangover) is reduced when paired with a nice bourbon. Reduced but not eliminated. For me Asti always results in a "hit by a fire truck" hangover. Congratulations on 35 years of marriage. An achievement worthy of a handshake and pat on the back. (If not a few cold beverages)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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