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Taking the plunge, LCD /Plasma. Need help?

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In my very interesting world, the wife is trying to convince her husband to buy a 37"-42" TV. Different some may say... I just like technology. But to plan this agruement, I need to know what I'm talking about.

I've looked into LCD's, only because I read they work better in bright rooms (correct?). My living room can be as bright as the sun during the day, and glare is a huge problem - so I figured LCD is the way to go. Unfortunately a 42" LCD seems a bit out of our budget (unless I browse some online venues and risk shipping and handling and the charge). I am always up for a bargain.

Anyway, CC has these 3 models on sale this week that I am currently looking into. I've read their reviews online on their site and some on CNET. Can anyone give me their opinion? Or if you can recommend better, I would appreciate it.

Also, many of the specs on the LCD HDTV's make some or little sense to me. I know about pixel and ratios, but the type of tuners each TV boasts about is greek to me. Anyone have any info I can read up on the different types?

And lastly, this TV will be a jack of all trades. My son will watch his Noggin and PBS, we will watch Lost and such and play an occasional Gamecube game. In addition to a movie about once a week. We sit anywhere from 8-12 feet from where the new TV is going to be. Any input on that would be greatly appreciated as well. :p

Ok, as I've gone on long enough, here are the 3 models:

LG 37" LCD HDTV (37LC2D)

Polaroid 37" LCD HDTV (FLM3732)

Sharp 37" LCD HDTV (LC-37SH20U)


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