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Well,  After asking a few questions on here and talking it over with him, He's going to let me try my hand at a DIY build. 


He just ordered a 15" Dayton Ultimax along with a 3cuft cabinet and all the other small parts from parts express.   I think Im more excited than he is.   This will be my first try at something like this, so I got my fingers crossed that it will turn out decent.


Also, to power it he ordered a Crown XLS 1500 that should be in Monday.    I didn't know he had ordered it already and told him the Crown XTI series would have been a better choice.   So,  there's a 98.5% chance I list it on here for a good deal.  if anyone id interested in the amp keep your eyes peeled on the classified section. or PM me.  


When parts start to arrive Ill try to do a build thread.


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