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Don't Take My Word For It, Go See For Yourself.

Object Desktop

Object Desktop – What it does

Object Desktop takes the existing potential of Windows that has yet to be exploited and makes it accessible to the user. Underneath Windows Microsoft has provided a host of documented object oriented technologies and APIs that are rarely or never used by developers. With Object Desktop’s arrival, the term “desktop extension†has begun to enter the vocabulary of users. It is far more than a collection of neat desktop enhancements. Object Desktop is about giving users the ability to custom tailor their systems to suit their particular needs. And it does it just as if it were “natively†part of the operating system.

Object Desktop is like upgrading Windows to a new version. Because Object Desktop uses so much of what is built into Windows and merely extends it (as opposed to reinventing the wheel for each component), the components themselves are relatively small. They do an amazing amount of things relying exclusively on documented APIs. As a result, the entire package is very small when installed despite the impressive number of features. And because it is hooking into the existing framework of Windows, it uses very little additional ram and the components typically work on every version of Windows without modification.

Many of the components, such as WindowBlinds, DesktopX, WindowFX, and IconPackager are very well known as stand alone products. That is how Stardock helps get the word out on what Object Desktop is. Each program helps strengthen the whole suite. By themselves, these components are quite powerful. But when put together, they represent an incredible tool for extending the features, productivity, and visual appearance of Windows.

I am hoping to make my HTPC family friendly and yet still have the option of returning to Windows in just a few clicks.

The good thing is that if your not graphically inclined like myself there are already a ton of skins and objects created for download.

Skins & Objects

I'd love to hear some feedback, whether its: YEA or NEA

There are a ton of talented people on this forum who could put together a sweet HTPC interface with this software suite.

I'm about to get my hands dirty right now and attempt to slap together a Wife & Kid friendly interface.

See Ya;

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