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Talk about leaving PJ on all night in error

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A digital owner was worried about his daughter leaving the projector on all night. What if a CRT projector is left on all night? Seems to me my Dwin goes into a all black mode, with no light coming from the lenses, when I leave it on with no signal for a while. My RPTV CRT does the same thing.

What are the dangers?

A menu option to power down if the projector see's no signal for a while would be useful.
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Except for several hundred watts on your electric bill, there is neglegible wear to the machine.
That's ok my wife pays the electric bill, I pay the TV bill.
We get hammered and leave our mitsu dlp in the garage on all the time.

Just hours on the bulb.
Same here I have a love of fine cigars and single malt scotch, late into the night smoking by the fireplace. Somtimes I'll crash on the floor leaving the RPTV/CRT going, lifes tuff. It's good to know I'm not doing any harm, to the TV I mean.
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Last week i was showing my new Girlfriend the theater and left my soon to be replaced Marquee 8000 on for 4 days before i went down there to work on calibrating the Blend, the room was about 90 ° !!! But the PJ still worked fine the next day.

I guess the line:

'Wanna see my 8" stack?' worked, huh?
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