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Hey Guys. New member here.

I tried to search online a resolution to my problem, but was unsuccessful so I came here.

For the last two years I've had a Tangent EvoE8 subwoofer and a Pinnacle 9 speaker soundbar hooked up to my Yamaha RX-V573 receiver. I've had no major issues over this time, except with for the rare occurrence where watching a movie high bass audio would cause my subwoofer to sound like thunder (and I would generally just turn down the volume on the unit at this time).

The other day I turned on my tv and noticed the audio sounded different and discovered there was nothing coming through the subwoofer. I shut off the receiver unplugged everything, then retried and again there was nothing coming through the subwoofer. In the receiver menu I turned on the test tone, and the L/C/R channels worked but there was nothing registering for the SW channel. On the Back of the subwoofer you can turn on/off and it has a green light when on, all of these seemed to be working, so it was receiving power. This made me think it also could be something wrong with the receiver? However, when I tried to connect my iPhone up to the subwoofer again there was zero sound/indication the subwoofer is working.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas to test/verify/fix what the problem may be. Where I live there is only a Future Shop and a local audio dealer. Neither of which sell Tangent, seemed overly helpful when I called, and both were going to charge a $50+ just to look at the unit. So before I bring in to get fixed (if it's even worth getting fixed) i'd like to pinpoint what the problem may be.

Thanks people
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