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Tannoy Churchills.

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Ok, I decided that the Athenas are a little trendy. 'Nuff of that. I'm all over the map on a speaker budget.

How about Tannoy Churchills? I had a little sticker shock ($15k) but these *felt* like speakers. Big boxes, big driver. 95db, smooth, airy, I think I'm in love. An emotional experience. $15k bills though. Eek.

The more I look the more I change my mind. But these are some speakers.
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Remember to enjoy the ride! Picking components should be enjoyable, though it will always be nerve-wracking as you decide how to spend your hard-earned money.

I haven't heard the Churchills; saw a very positive review (Stereophile?), and they sure are rahht purdy.


P.S. I gotta put in a plug for my favorite speakers: active Linn Tukans (or their new replacements, Katans). I'm also really fond of active Linn 5120's, and, for my friends who absolutely must have floorstanding, full-range speakers, active 5140's. These might not be your cupa tea, but you might be surprised after a listen.

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I've recently listened to a bunch of speakers all over the map too, including the churchills, albiet briefly.

Here are my findings:

The writeup on the churchills is a few replies down. Writeup on proacs is at the end.


Migliore Theater
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Thanks for the link. I listened to Tannoys Mercs last year and found them pleasing. I guess I'm at odds with myself as the music that I listen to doesn't often cross paths with hi-end audio.

The Churchills are still an itch I need to scratch, but $15k! Maybe I'll revisit Tannoy. New models to replace the Mercs I believe will be out soon... Darn audio bug...

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