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Hello everyone,

I am buying my first HT system starting with an AVR and 2.0 speakers. After reading this forum for a while I decided to register myself, too. I have (almost) decided to acquire Denon 1610 for the amp, but I am still thinking about the speakers and I would appreciate any help you can provide.

I am looking for a relatively cheap speakers and the ones in the title have been in the shortlist (though I will also consider other possibilities if you have good recommendations). Now I would like to ask your analysis of these speakers. I know that I have to listen to the speakers myself, too, but for now I just want to get as much information as I can (I am a newbie on this stuff). My usage will be about 70 % music and 30 % movies.

What I am looking for is not just opinions, but more detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different speakers. What is good in a particular speaker, in which kind of music is it at its best, if you like some speaker what kind of music do you listen to (so what makes you like it) etc.

I know that this kind of comparison threads will be "closely monitored" so I would like to have a good and objective analysis of different options, instead of everyone shouting out their favourites.

Thanks already in advance.
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