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Me and my wife are moving to another apartment and really want to get rid of the ugly small bookshelves my Mercury F2s (L/R) were sitting on. Since all the furniture we like seems to be expensive and wife won't accept speaker stands, the best and cheapest solution I have come up with would involve selling my old Mercury F2 bookshelf speakers and buying the Mercury V4s floorstanders to replace them.

I know most people tend to prefer bookshelves to floorstanders for home theater, but since they would be newer and more expensive speakers, do you think they might actually sound better? They would be about 3-3.5 feet from the back wall and plenty from the side walls. The room will be medium size with high ceilings. Would cross them over at 80Hz like all the others, since I really like my sub. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Th rest of my gear:

Avr - Denon 1912

Center - Mercury F1 Custom

Surrounds - Mercury F1s

Sub - BK XLS200
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