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Tapped Horn Help

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I have a question for the more technically savvy here that have experience with tapped horns.

I noticed this thread on a tapped horn for the DIYMA 12 drivers and am considering throwing them together once i move.

However, i am having a bit of trouble following the fold of the horn based upon the diagram.

Can anyone clarify with a slightly more in depth diagram how the horn is folded?

It would be much appreciated
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i have no idea what he is doing with that horn.

there are plenty of horn options if that is what you want to do.

do you already have the driver?

what goals are you aiming for with your tapped horn?
Yeah i have 6 of these already. Currently in sealed, but at some point i'm most likely going to finish the basement and i was thinking of throwing them into a tapped horn.

Goals would be extension as low as possible while keeping upper octaves as smooth as possible, kind of like that alpine tapped horn that was just posted.
It is a rather unconventional fold, in that the expansion plane rotates 90 degrees partway through the fold. There does not appear to be any expansion for the last 4 feet of the flare either.

Drivers are mounted reversed, then wired out of phase, which helps reduce distortion. One driver is partially choked with a small compression chamber and port.

I did not see any measurements in that thread, did I miss them?
I remember that thread... not sure he ever posted any final measurements of that guy.
Yeah don't think there were final measurements but i believe he stated that it did measure close to modeled.

I played around in hornresp some before i took a look at that thread but i have no idea what i'm doing, so i figured i'd use that model if possible
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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