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Having trouble with my Samsung LN46A650 TV.
My hopes are that
someone is familiar with these issues and
can help me limit my search in what to try and fix or replace... be it capacitors or whole boards.
(You can just skip to the thumbnails if you want.)

I have both a Bluray and cable box attached via a HDMI switching receiver connected to the TV via HDMI
- and -
a Roku directly attached to the TV with sound out from the TV going back to the receiver.

Every day, but not always, once on for a few minutes, the tv will not take any commands via the Remote or directly on the TV.

The TV must be rebooted or unplugged and plugged back in.

When the Roku is used, often the sound will change to a loud buzz (no sound just a buz.) Also the screen has blanked out to vertical pinstripes.
Rebooting only remedies this for a few minutes until it starts again.

see First thumbnail

When switching sources via the receiver) it will usually split the screen or distort it... requiring a reboot. Then all is fine until time to turn the set off or switch sources. Switching sources via the TV may or may not work... and only if it will take the commands.

At this point the screen is locked and even turning off the receiver will not help or even remove the image stuck.

See Second thumbnail

Today a new kind of odd screen... this happened while connected to cable tv on a screen saver, after hitting play to get back to a movie DVRd show.

See Third Thumbnail

Any help or insight would be appreciated. We are considering the set a total loss and hope to replace it once the super bowl sales start.

Once we get the new set, I will dissect the old one.

Asside: 4K choices!!!

I have also attached a spreadsheet in PDF format by combining different types of reviews of 4K UHD sets at rtings.com. It is a HUGE amount of information.

Although I really desire the new XBR55x930e, our budget can only handle the TCL 55p605, which AVS Rated pretty highly. My only issue is that the Demos suck and do not show motion on high res images... at all. I also like the LG screens too, then the samsungs... (the lower Sonys will not be getting a dolby vision update unfortunately.)

Any insight or recommendations or considerations for this would also be appreciated.



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