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Ran across this item on the "All About Circuits" forum, a poster named "yong" gave the link below to someone asking about universal IR remote control.

These TAUNTEK IR learning remote control; transmitters (IR Mimic & -2) & recievers (TinyIR & -2) can be purchased as kits (without push buttons & PCB to mount hem on) or buy their preprogramed chip & it's circuit board & then buy the other parts elsewhere (they provide a parts list on pdf). An interesting feature, the receiver board's decoder has selectable momentary & latching outputs by adding diodes to the circuit board (see pdf).

The IRMimic2 transmitter has marco abilty, not sure how that is done.

Well anyway, I thought somewhere here might find these useful for their masking control project. Not sure if I am smart enough to put it to use, bet somebody here is..


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