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I have a Panasonic Plasma TC-P42S1.

Using HDMI port 1 as input for cable box.

Using Composite 1 as input for Wii.

The digital cable box is connected via HDMI to Sony soundbar amplifier....input on amp, HDMI output to TV.

Sound and picture for watching tv is perfect.

Wii is connected directly to TV.

Using Digital optical cable from TV to input on the Sony Amp. I set Sony amp to "TV" input.....no sound???

I tested the optical cable by connecting it to the output on the digital cable box...to the TV input on the sony amp....it worked fine...

I noticed that the red light from the cable was very bright when connected to the digital cable box, but very dim when connected to the TV output.

Any ideas???/

I did turn off the TV speakers in the tv audio menu....
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