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I just bought the TC-P42X2 for like $199.00...

Not a bad deal, for a bedroom TV....

It has an ethernet port and a netflix menu option...

However for some reason it is saying that netflix isn't available in Canada.

uhh.... Sure it is.

I'm wondering how to fix this..

This has to be a netflix licensing issue that was in effect at the time of the manufacturing of the TV... Perhaps at that time netflix wasn't ligit in Canada..

The setup asks for credit card information and then goes off to validate the card only to come back and say that netflix isn't available in my area.

So i suspect that the firmware was setup to ask for the CC holders country and if it wasn't USA to refuse... (Which by the way sounds like a real privacy issue if you ask me.)

So any thoughts? Any firmware upgrades either legit or hacked that might fix this?

By the way I installed iSedora on my MAC to stream via UPnP to the TV and that worked perfectly...
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