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I have a TCL 55P6US-IN, which supports HDR10 (8-bit + FRC).
The Problem I'm facing is with White clipping only on HDR videos. Non-HDR videos look fine.
JFYI, I use FireTV stick 4K as the source.

So when I played this calibration video from youtube:
I see that I cannot see whites flickering above 62% luminance. So anything above that is just white.

I see this while watching other HDR videos as well, the Sky is white without any details. Bright objects are very washed off.
I compared the videos with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e - AMOLED HDR10) it seems to have more details in the brighter regions.

I tried all Picture presets, Gamma settings, Contrast and brightness levels, but of no use.
Unlike the US Roku models, this TV does not have a Dark HDR mode

Is this common issue with other TCL panels as well?
Any advise on how to get better details in the top spectrum of the luminance?
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