Preorders of 85" TCL "XL Collection" TVs start today. The home cinema-ready 85R745 is $2999 for a 192-zone FALD QLED. For less critical applications than home cinema, the new 85R345 brings the cost of an 85" TV down to a highly palatable $1599.99

If you want to have a cinematic experience, you need to honor the directors intent. And for Hollywood blockbuster movies, the director's intent is that you see their film on a huge screen. Of course, when you go to a movie theater, that is exactly what you get. But at home, achieving the same impact has traditionally required going with a projection based setup, or else investing a large sum in a 85" TV that offers a sufficiently good picture quality to do justice to the film.

However, it is now possible to have that cinematic experience at home, with a TV that costs less than any native 4K projector. The TCL 85R745 is a 192-zone 4K FALD QLED that is compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG HDR formats. And, like other TCL premium TVs, it runs on the Roku TV platform for a wide selection of content and great ease of use.

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TCL Brings the Cinema to Living Rooms with its New XL Collection

Leading Electronics Brand Launches its First Line of Televisions with 85” Screen Sizes for Movie Theater and Big Screen Gaming Experiences at Home

CORONA, CALIF., May 11, 2021 - TCL®, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies, today announced pricing and availability of its new XL Collection – a unique selection of TVs exceeding 80” with varying features to satisfy a range of cinephiles. These televisions will not only be TCL’s largest TVs, they will also be the biggest TCL Roku TV™ models available to consumers globally. These super-sized televisions will continue TCL’s award-winning formula - advanced TV technology paired with popular smart OS platforms - for superior picture quality and premium content, all housed in a sleek frame.

As entertainment demands call for larger screens, TCL is once again leading TV industry innovation by making premium big-screen sizes more accessible through its investments in new panel production facilities. Few fully integrated TV brands like TCL can deliver home theater solutions that replace the cinema experience like the XL Collection – TCL’s first lineup of displays with screen sizes 80” and above. Three 85” models will roll out in 2021 and each TV will feature performance levels for every kind of home theater. Starting with a simply smart 85” 4-Series TCL Roku TV that delivers the easiest way to enjoy 4K HDR streaming, to an 85” 4K HDR TCL Roku TV with QLED wide color technology picture quality, to the ultimate 85” 8K TV featuring TCL’s highest performance display technologies, the XL Collection will fit any budget and exceed the standards to deliver larger-than-life home entertainment.

For true movie aficionados, the XL Collection is capable of delivering the deeply immersive experience found in the world’s biggest cinemas. Sitting about six feet back from an XL Collection TV can deliver the same 60-degree field of view that is available from watching the gigantic 100-foot-wide screen from the middle row, center seats at the legendary TCL Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood. In 2020 alone, nearly 500 movies went straight to streaming services, with many of these being traditional Hollywood blockbusters. And with instant access to the most popular channels offering the newest movies, creating a personal screening room to watch all your favorites has never been easier with the TCL XL Collection.

For a smooth gaming experience, the XL Collection’s QLED TCL Roku TV will bring Variable Refresh Rate and 120Hz HDMI input support as well as THX® Certified Game Mode. Building on decades of experience fine-tuning cinematic experiences, TCL and THX have defined a new standard in big-screen gaming performance.

“In 2020, sales of big-screen TVs delivered significant growth – nearly doubling 2019 – with even more growth expected in 2021 as many consumers choose to invest in their home entertainment systems for premium content. Never before have first-run movies been released by streaming platforms at the same time as their theater debut, like Godzilla vs. Kong, which premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre and HBO Max last month. Even though we’re finally seeing theaters open up, people have discovered the joy and simplicity of watching blockbuster movies at home,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. “TCL’s XL Collection represents this next stage in the TV industry – large-size, powerful televisions that deliver premier movie-going experiences in the comfort and safety of your own living room – and we’re excited for users to get back that cinematic magic.

Being one of only three global TV brands with full vertical integration, TCL continues to expand its big-screen production capacity to make the largest television screens with best-in-class imaging technology more accessible than ever. Thus, allowing TCL to maintain its status of number two selling brand of TVs in the United States and drive even more success.”
For more impactful, more immersive and more engaging visual experiences that can truly transport viewers beyond the surface of a display, there is no substitute for a big-screen TV.

The powerful 85R745 TCL Roku TV will feature Quantum Dot (QLED) wide color technology to deliver better brightness and wider color volume. With a measured 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 Hollywood reference color space, QLED color technology will deliver deeply saturated reds, stunning greens and spectacular blues without the limitations of lower color volume or risks of shorter life found in other color technologies. Matching the format used by most cinema screens and content creators for exceptionally vivid and lifelike picture performance, there is a clear advantage to QLED color technology when combined with a powerfully bright TV.

The 85” QLED TCL Roku TV also boasts TCL’s Contrast Control Zones™ technology which optimizes the image across individual zones to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas. Engineered for superior 4K Ultra HD picture clarity, the 85R745 will benefit from HDR Pro Pack - allowing consumers to enjoy a truly cinematic experience at home with striking brightness, incredible contrast, and amazingly lifelike color and detail with support for Dolby Vision® along with HDR10 and HLG. And powering the TV’s audio system, Dolby Atmos® will deliver an incredible audio experience for total entertainment immersion.

TCL’s XL Collection is now available in North America. The 85” 4-Series TCL Roku TV (85R435) can be found at your favorite retailer, while the 85” QLED TCL Roku TV (85R745) is available via presales beginning today at Amazon and Best Buy. Later this year, TCL will add an 85” OD Zero mini-LED powered 8K TV to the collection.