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Tcl6/ vizio M-558/h9f- which one and why?

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Looking at one the aforementioned tv's in the subject line. I have to account for taxes, tv mounting service plus wall mount kit , budget ~1K Don't need sony or qled for bedroom. Looking for everyone's valued input, tv will be purchased at the end of the year as wall space needs to be made. Thank you.
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I vote TCL 6 series. Best balance of price, performance, and ease of use (Roku operating system), IMHO.
If you are buying it at the end of the year then I'm guessing the TCL 625/627 will be out by then, which from the looks of it will have a quantum dot display. If that is the case and the prices are mostly similar I'd lean towards the TCL slightly, especially because of Roku. The Vizio is hamstrung a bit by Smartcast, which is really sluggish and Hisense has Android which can also be sluggish on low powered processors. Display wise Vizio is a bit dimmer the the other two but seems to have an excellent contrast ratio, so all them should be outside of a few variables mostly on par.
Check out Quantum TV and Fomo on tech on youtube. Both compare the H9F to other high end TV's. Looks pretty impressive. Even rtings says the Hisense is better than the Vizio M and TCL 6. I believe Qunatum TV just posted his picture settings on the Hisense on youtube. Fomo does more of a motion comparisons to the Vizio P quantum X the Sony A9G and the Q90R. I'm looking at around the end of the year to buying a 65" but if I was buying now I would give the H9F a shot even over the 2019 Vizio P Quantum and after seeing more of the P Quantum X probably over that. I just never realized how many motion problems Vizio'z seem to have until seeing many motion comparisons. But since I'm waiting I'll have a look at the new TCL 625 and the 8 series to choose from as well.
These were my considered TVs, and I wound up with the Vizio M8. It was a close thing with the TCL 6, which gets brighter in HDR, but ultimately better contrast and a lack of desire to play the panel lottery with 65" TVs tipped me towards the Vizio.

H9F is a wildcard. It has the features and the specs over the other two. But I wasn't at all impressed with its accuracy in the RTings review. What's the point of a high-contrast VA panel with FALD if it just horribly crushes blacks and ignores the EOTF? It's like it's always on Vivid mode, no matter what. Some people like that. I do not.

YT reviewers who don't openly share their settings and disparage other, established and transparent, reviewers get zero consideration from me (looking at Quantum TV here).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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