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I am currently running my tv with the 1080p slides:

setting: custom

contrast: 68

Brightness: 63

color: 28

tint: 0

sharp: 30

black: light

cats: off

nr: off

size: 2

I was wondering if anyone thought that there was a better way to break it in. I'm very new to this and read a lot on this forum about this tv but I really don't understand what some people are doing with the gamma settings and other things to that nature.

So any help would be great. And if going to get a professional calibrator would be the way to go. Thanks guys.

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The slides really weren't designed so much for break-in as they were to evenly and quickly age the phosphors, so a specific set of offsets could be applied in the unit's service menu. This, in theory, would come close to a professional calibration without the expense. However, the offsets were never posted, so the validity of running the slides is questionable. If you decide to stop the slides, just try to watch full screen images without static logos, bugs, etc... and keep gaming to a minumum for the first 100 hours or so. Personally, I ran the slides 24/5 without problems.

For future questions and also to learn more about offsets, gamma, etc... I'd suggest spending some time reading in the S1 Owner's thread. You'll find a poster there (and elsewhere here) named LarryInRi. If you click on the link in his signature, you'll find service menu offsets and user menu settings that have been posted by other avs members. There's also a link to a service menu tutorial that another member has posted. Have fun!
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