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Tech help needed to convert HiPix files

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When you record a show using Telemann's HiPix DTV-200 card, it stores its recordings as a series of sequentially numbered files, each one a minute in length (i.e: showname.001, showname.002, etc.). Is there any way to merge/convert these into a single file which can then be edited, burned onto DVD-R, etc.?
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I have joined HiPix files using an MSDOS

command like:

copy /b file.ts.0001 file.ts.0002 ... jumbofile.big

The big file will playback fine.

If you are running a FAT32 filesystem

(not NTFS) then you could have problems

creating any one file bigger than 2gb or 4gb

in size.

An ATSC file editor would be wonderful but

basically doesn't exist right now.

Some people have used BBDMUX2, and various

combinations of utilities to extract the

MPEG2 streams out of the HiPix ATSC files

but there are still some issues to do with

AC3 audio and lipsync to be sorted out.

Once you have "raw" MPEG2 files you could

use a program like MPEG2VCR to edit the files.

Even if the lipsync gets sorted out, it is still

a very "messy" operation right now.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Do you happen to know whether the files recorded by Hauppage (D or HD) are more directly accessible for editing/burning?
I think the files are more or less identical except the WinTV-HD card makes 14 minute files instead of 1 minute files.
That would put each of the Hauppage files at just under the FAT32 2Gb file size limit (14 x 137Mb/min = 1.9Gb). As I understand it, these files have MPG and TS extensions. What I'm wondering here is whether they can be easily converted to a lower bitrate and then burned onto DVDR.
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