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tech Q: how do 720p panels handle 1080i in projectors?

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720p projectors are popular in this forum area, especially single chip 1280x720p dlp and 3 chip lcd machines.

I'd like to understand what 720p projectors are doing with an incoming 1080i signal.

I can see how the horizontal lines would accommodate 1080i as only 540p are needed at any one time, but how are the vertical lines handled ie 1920->1280?

Or does the projector scale 1920x540p (discarding the other field lines) to 1280x720p?

Or does the projector take 1920x1080i, deinterlace it to 1920x1080p and then scale 1080p -> 720p.

Do different 720p projectors do this differently?
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They all do it differently, obviously the last way is the best.
I believe most still use the older methods and are not properly deinterlacing 1080i to 1080p and then downrezzing to 720p. That process is what is being highly touted by the current round of high end VP's or projectors coming bundled with them.

Just an FYI- 720p projectors are popular in this forum because you are in the "Under $3,000 USD MSRP" as soon as 1080p hits this price I assure you 1080p projectors will be more popular.
What does "properly" deinterlacing 1080i to 1080p mean?
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I meant number 1.

Seriously ,I just meant they create the 540 line scenario vs creating the true 1080p frame.
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So the only safe way to know you are getting the best image possible from your source is to let an outboard scaler, who's scaling/deinterlacing algorithms you trust, scale everything to 1280x720p?

I guess that's really only the iscan VP30/VP50...$3k ouch
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