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Hello, I am not even sure if this is the right category to post, so please move if necessary.

I am moving to Germany in about 2 months. I have a Sony Pearl VW50. The govt provided housing in Germany has a Coax output in the wall that sends PAL and NTSC signals (Armed Forces Network, UK programs, German programs). I would like to add a VP20 to help things out for my Pearl seeing how Ive been told the cable is pretty crappy there.

What devices do I need to accept a RF coax multi-system output from the wall, and display it all on my VW50? I understand I need a tuner, but does anyone make an external multi-system tuner or will I have to buy a multi-system VCR or something?

I assume out of the tuner I would go straight into the VP20. Will the VP20 then display all the content in 1080p 16:9 format? If it does, how does the VP20 stretch the 4:3 signal into 16:9? Is this even worth doing?

I have done some googling, but dont see where I could buy some kind of external tuner and am not even sure if thats what I need to make this all happen. I am hoping someone can help explain the setup to make this all work.

Side question #1, if the VP20 takes 480i and scales it to 1080P, what does the extra deinterlacing card do on top of that, and would I need it for my situation above?

Side question #2, why does the VP20 convert from PAL to NTSC, etc? I would assume the information coming into the VP20 is already been tuned in and able to display without converting it? I know, stupid question that probably doesnt make sense, I just am looking for an example of why this feature is needed.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
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