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Tech support for Toronto

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Still having some problems with my green tube flickering.

Before investing in a new one, does anyone know of a good tech with extensive experience with G70's in Toronto???

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There is no independent tech short of techman707 with 'extensive' G70 experience'.


The sets are too new, and too few (relatively speaking) are out there.

I have several sets working here that need tubes, and can test any tube/board for you if you want to ship it to me to confirm or deny any fault that you think the set or specific board has.

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Thanks curt for the offer but I wouldn't know where to begin and was hoping I could find someone local to come by and check it out.
Try pm'ing/e-mailing member Dave Long.

He might know of a service shop you can take your G70 to in Toronto. No idea about cost or competence though.

Hope this helps.
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