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I decided that I really needed a stand-a-lone player, so I went with the Sony over the Pioneer due to the software that is currently available. Since I don't have a DVD burned, I called Sony to see if there was anyway to have a disc sent so that I can have it ASAP. I was told that I had to register on the webpage and that it would be sent to me once there was a software upgrade available.

I asked if there was an additional upgrade since there was one on the webpage and was told that there was not one on the webpage. He informed me again to register online and that there would be an upgrade available in 2-3 weeks. I then proceeded to ask if there was any information as to what would be upgrade with the new software. He said that there was no way to know since it was not released yet...

Talk about MORONS....Sony needs to train their employees so much better before releasing them onto the public
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