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I currently have a Technics SA-TX30 Receiver as my main home theater setup. This setup has been flawless for the good time of 12yrs now.

I have wanted DTS and THX for the longest time, but have never researched the topic exclusively until recently. I know my receiver is quite old, but other then some of the fancier features today's units have, it's worked perfectly in my system. I have resisted purchasing a new receiver for one reason, and that is the TX30 works.

Now, research dictates I need a Technics Pre-Amp SH-AC500D as a DTS decoder. I want to be sure this is the best course of action before I hunt one down since they are hard to find and expensive.

O.K, this is the kicker, I have a Panasonic DMP-BD85K as my sole Bluray player and It has 5.1 analog audio outputs. Will this decode DTS/THX and pass it through my old receiver?

For those that either have this unit or have in the past...Technics SA TX50 or 30, I usually use "5ch cinema" as my surround preference.
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