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These are amazing Technics SB-T100 speakers with stands. I paid $490 for the pair, plus $60 for the matching stands. The condition is 9 out of 10 (no blemishes that you can see unless someone pointed them out with a magnifying glass). They produce amazing bass and unbelievable articulate and silky high frequencies. The bass driver looks small, but because of a copper cone base (see pictures) it can travel back and forth with more force and accuracy than many 12" woofers without overheating, which produces surprisingly deep and yet accurate lows. This is truly one of the Technic's masterpieces of design and engineering, I was willing to pay a thousand for a pair of SB-T200s - same as these, but two bass drivers), but they were impossible to find back in the dayz. It is impossible to find them now as well because audiophiles ten do hang on to great gear.

I have been using them very gently as surrounds, so they have never seen more than a few watts from my amp.

Here are the stats:

2-way floor-standing 5.5-inch speaker

35 to 40,000 Hz frequency response

160-watt power handling

Slim cabinet design

Video shielded for home theater use

Here some other opinions (dont blame me for the grammar , i did not write those below!):

1. This is a deep-sounding, bass-pumping speaker that can't be passed up at this price. I paid [more] for my pair of SBT100's from a retail store, and let me tell you that at that price they were a great deal. Not a lot of speakers can measure up to the high standard of quality, that technics has delivered for so many years. As a DJ, I know that people want to feel the bass... thats why I've chosen these speakers.

2. I must admit I got these for my humble stereo only (with a good amp though) home theater system coz I just wanted to make justice to the sound my new dvd player would deliver and wanted the cheapest decent pair of magnetically shielded speakers I could find.Being a Technics fan for the last 25 years (a brand that's never let me down) I picked these without even listening to them.The visuals really did'nt promise anyhting,but what a surprise I was in for when I watched my first movie that night (Stargate).Not only did the speakers delivered cristal clear highs,dinamic,clean midrange,and decent stereo imaging and treble dispersion,but they also were capable of shaking my wooden floor with the most incredible amount of deep bass I'd seen come out of the smallest woofers in history.Years later,when I started to collect music DVD (heavy metal) I realized no matter how powerful the amp,there's no way of obtaining real high pressure sound from them if the dvd is recorded with a low output level (many do).Nevertheless,I won't change them coz they're reliable and I love them !

Please check my other listing for a Sunfire HRS-10 1,000W subwoofer
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