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First, I apologize in advance for this double post. I originally posted it in the Plasma TV section with limited response, and I had asked for it to be moved to here, but after a couple of days I figured that was not possible.

I have an 16 month old Panasonic TC-P46G10 TV and Denon 1610 AVR. They've been great until about 2 weeks ago when the TV started to randomly stop playing sound on its HDMI inputs when watching cable through the receiver in standby passthru mode.

Since the beginning we have watched things like the news using the TV sound because we prefer it this way for simple dialog without music or sound effects. So I have it connected using HDMI to the Denon and HDMI from the Denon to the TV. When we want a Home Theater experience we turn on the Denon and it plays the audio thru its speakers. When we want TV audio, we turn off the Denon and it passes both video and audio thru to the TV's HDMI ports. It has worked fine until recently. I don't believe that we changed any settings on either the receiver or TV at the time the problem surfaced.

Every 1/2 to 4 hours, though, the TV screen blacks out for a fraction of a second and the audio is lost. The display on the Denon does not blink when this is happening. Raising the volume doesn't help. Selecting to the antenna input on the TV results in normal audio on that input for at least several hours. Selecting another (unused) HDMI port in the TV and switching back to the original HDMI port restores the sound.

The signal comes from a Comcast cable box/DVR (Motorola DC3400). I have Viera Link on the TV set to "Off". I believe that is the HDMI communications setting. I have switched the TV input cable to a 2nd HDMI port, and the symptom is the same.

When we watch shows and movies with the Denon on, we still sometimes see the TV blink, but since the audio is coming thru the Denon, the sound does not change.

Is the TV or VCR failing after 16 months? I couldn't find others with this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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