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Hi guys, im trying to plan out my sub "build" for future. I've heard great things about the tempest x2 sub. The situation i am in is a rental situation, so i can't afford nor have the ability to have any 20A lines run into the HT area to connect hi power pro amps that drive several thousand watts etc.

As such, i am looking to build 1, possibly 2 down firing ported subs based around the Tempest X2 15".

On the website it states that its power handling is ~1000w max. I'm assuming the eD lt/1300 would be too much. Would the 500w version (lt/500) be sufficient to power this sub?

I've seen some pictures, etc for a ~5cubic ft (internal) box, but no actual cut sheets or anything along those lines.

b/c of my situation, i also don't have access to nor own any woodworking tools, so i was going to outsource the box build to someone else, and essentially "assemble" the sub once the box gets here. I will very likely contact eD as i am pleased with my current product, but am wanting more output. Is 5 cubic ft ideal for that sub? I always see pictures of a modeling program, but im not familiar as to where to find it, or what variables to input, etc to determine what i need to know. WAF isnt a factor, but, i would like to keep it reasonably sized, and if i'm only going to see a 5% performance gain for using say an 8 cubic ft box vs 5 cubic ft, then the smaller box is a tradeoff i'm ok with, etc.

For more info, i cross over my mains at 60hz, i am looking for about 80-90% movie usage but i would still like it to sound good for music as well, if thats possible.

Side note: Someone suggested the 19Ov.2 Ported DIY Kit from eD as a possible solution to my subwoofer needs:


Do you guys think that setup would perform similarly or better than the tempest x2 with a properly sized box, etc. Given my lack of woodcutting tools, etc, would you say i am better off with that kit than trying to do a "DIY" sub based around the tempest x2?
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