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Test Drive Unlimited Demo Next Week

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We've already been promised Lost Planet, and it looks like we're going to get another unexpected demo.

I'm not sure what to expect from a mmo driving game, but it should be interesting.

The demo grants players an exclusive chance to get behind the wheel of Test Drive Unlimited and sample some of its online and offline challenges along 40 miles of Oahu’s beautiful open roads. To add a bit of spice, players will be able to replay all of the challenges as many times as they wish in order to shave valuable seconds off their time-challenge records, or set about thrashing either human or AI competition in the races before heading to www.testdriveunlimited.com to view their global ranking.

As a way of letting players find out for themselves what a Massively Open Online Racing game is, the Test Drive Unlimited demo will allow players to set up as many instant challenges as they wish. Players driving along the road can challenge other players to a one-on-one race, define their own start and end points for the race, and power through the lush Hawaiian scenery at break-neck speeds.

With a choice between the Ford Shelby GT500, Lotus Exige and Lamborghini Gallardo, a luxury-laden Lamborghini dealership to visit, and a beautiful house for each player who logs in, the demo offers players a mouth-watering taste of Eden Games’ forthcoming automotive masterpiece.
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I predict it will be a week or two late just like every other "announced" demo that has come along.

In all seriousness, I hope this game turns out to be good. Sounds like it could be a great idea. But, it also seems so big in scope it could easily be missing that fine polish that many of us expect.
I'm actually looking to get this game on release... The always open feel to it seems like a break from the other racing games.. But I've wondered if people can actually get in your race to just crash you.... Another reason why I like it is you can race motocycles....
Atari today announced that an exclusive demo for the highly anticipated racing game, Test Drive Unlimited, will be made available to users of the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, via the Xbox Live® Marketplace. The demo will be available to download from 8 May until 14 May 2006 as part of Microsoft’s plans to bring gamers closer to the E3 experience and offer of free Xbox Live Gold membership for the week.
yeah i guess its only gonna be available for the e3 week so better get your download in asap. But this does look like a good game, i bet the demo is gonna be huge.
I am really, REALLY looking forward to this game. I've driven on those Hawaiian highways...lots of great scenery, lots of rolling curves.

If the car control leans towards the PGR3 side and less towards the ridge-racer side, it'll be a must-buy for me.
I really hope this game plays good...because they have talked so much about it...and when they usually praise a game...well u know...
I loved the original Test Drive games but the series went downhill in the 90s. I'm hoping to be surprised by this as it looks like it has potential. Will it require a monthly fee?
Test Drive lost its way, but then again so did Need For Speed. The first NEED FOR SPEED games were very reminiscant of what PGR2 and 3 are today. Arcade racing but with a slant towards "Simulation" in that the cars feel different and behave with some physics.

I remember when Test Drive 3: The Passion came out....how horrendus it was, it looked like a choppy version of HARD DRIVIN'. :p
Originally Posted by CoreyM
I loved the original Test Drive games but the series went downhill in the 90s. I'm hoping to be surprised by this as it looks like it has potential. Will it require a monthly fee?
Exactly after Test Drive 5 it seemed like they went downhill.
The first Need for Speed was pretty much the spiritual successor to Test Drive: The Duel. On the 3DO version it was a lot more sim than arcade but that changed by the time it got to Playstation. I did like High Stakes but very few of the other Need for Speeds and I gave up when they went to Underground. Motor City Online seemed like it would be promising, especially since it had old hot rods in it but was a disaster. If Test Drive Unlimited can succeed where MCO failed I'll be very happy. I need something to hold me over until the next-gen Forza arrives.
Looks like MS has their $hit together for E3. Evidently this demo is already available on the marketplace!
Originally Posted by StreetPreacher
Looks like MS has their $hit together for E3. Evidently this demo is already available on the marketplace!
Really!? :eek: I'll be downloading it first thing when I get home!:cool:
According to the demo (which I'm currently downloading), it lets you play both online and offline and contains 40 miles of roads.
this sucks, I'm at work, my 360 just home sitting there. I wish I could remote into my MCE machine, tell it to start downloading the demo, and when I get home tell the 360 to grab it from the MCE machine. Then I could play it as soon as I got home. Now, I gotta go home, and wait for it to download before I play.

This would also solve the background downloading issue as well as hard drive space issues. Seems so easy to do.
Originally Posted by cap_167
According to the demo (which I'm currently downloading), it lets you play both online and offline and contains 40 miles of roads.
I'm curious, how large is the Test Drive demo?
Demo is half a gig. You get 3 cars to try: Shelby Cobra 500, Lotus Elise and a Lambo Gallardo Spyder.

MY REVIEW: (as if you cared....but you *should*)

GRAPHICS: It looks like a highly tweaked Xbox game.....or..rather...a 360 game that hasn't had the polish put on all the graphical surfaces.

Textures lack the "ooomph" that we got with PGR3. They're nice, but they're flat. Again, when you play it you'll go "Gee, this looks like a HD Xbox game". Its not terrible, but its not quite next-gen in the same way that the textures/lighting are in PGR3 or GRAW. I didn't notice any HDR or overbright settings going on....maybe some light bloom but nothing that made me go "WOW". Cars looked good...but then again, they've looked good since Gran Turismo 3. Mountains in the background looked pretty lame, like a low rez JPEG.

Of course this game isn't due out for many months, I'm guessing this is an area that gets tweaked.

FEEL: More arcade than PGR3. Cars stick to the road like glue, couldn't seem to powerslide through a corner. Game seems more condusive to flying down the road at high speeds than maintaining control over a car a-la PGR3 where speed must be managed. Its something I could probably get used to, but I kept wanting my car to do things at speed that it wouldn't do...like...powerslide through a corner. Controls do need tweaking.

ENVIRONMENT: Ok, even with the not-quite-360 graphics, the open-air environment is pretty cool. Taking shortcuts through backyards and through vegetation is pretty cool.

Seeing so many individual houses and buildings modeled, is also cool. Sparse population of traffic on the roads tho. Police positively stupid. Granted..its a demo. Also, driving on the sand your car goes as fast as on pavement..and the sand texture reflected off your car is just wrong......again...its a demo :)

Your car appears to take no damage while other cars will have parts fly off, other cars are simpler in design, modeling, and graphical touches it looks like. It was kinda disappointing losing control of my Gallardo, slamming into another car and just being able to drive away.

Although it was nice to lose control of the back end of a car on a curve, for a second I thought the cars stuck to the road with velcro tires.

If you drive crazy tho other cars may drive themselves off the road in a panic, which is fun :)

Scream by a car and hear this crash behind you.....as the other car drives off into a ditch.

OVERALL: I'd definately consider it, if they polish the gameplay up a bit. I couldn't seem to get any of the "challenge" races to happen though. Was fun just driving around at full speed in the open ended environment. However, I'll need to play/see a bit more.

PGR3 has me spoiled in the "Fun to Drive" department.

One problem: I kept wanting to pull over and jack other cars :)
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This game comes out next month, but it has been pushed back at least 3 times so far so that holds no weight. I am hearing good things from my friends list, I cannot wait until I get home.
Last I checked this game wasn't due until September....
E3 Trailer said September release
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