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Testing a new screen

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I finally ordered my panel (1080p). I will get that soon and I will have to test it and calibrate it.

So, how do we go about that ? Any software ? Any calibration pattern ?

Can you guys gave me a few hints ?

let me know please and thanks in advance !


Ps: I don't think it really matters but for the info, I got a mitsubishi wd-52631....
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Congratulations on your purchase of the Mitsubishi WD-52631.

I am considering the Mitsubishi WD-52631 TV and I hope you will post some feedback on your television once you get it setup. Sounds like there needs to be a specific thread devoted to just the Mitsubishi WD-52631 since I have found more questions than answers for this TV?

In particular, I would like to hear your opinion on the following if you care to give us some feedback…

1) Do the non HD channels look good?

2) Do the HD channels look awesome?

3) Is there any lag or blur when played with a console game [I own a Playstation 2]?

4) Does NFL football in HD look great without any blurring around the players bodies when they are running?

5) What about action scenes in a movie [TV or DVD] like fighting or a car chase?

I will have to use Comcast with a HD DVR box if I buy the 52631. In my area the first 99 channels are only in analog, no matter what type of box you have.

I am fearful that the non HD pictures will not look good and frustrate me to the point that I regret buying the 52631.

Thanks in advance for your time and responses.
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well, I went to CC first to look at it; and my original concern was the same as yours: does regular chanel and DVD looks decent on that screen.

There, in the store, the answer is YES . Great, surprisingly great.

I even asked the guy to hook up a DVD and I was more that happy.

Now, I will have to test that at home, I should get that this friday. But, I actually don't have TV (don't like it). So what I am buying here is a screen for


-computer stuff


-and most IMPORTANTLY the new ZELDA game coming for the nintendo Wii (non hd stuff).

I will be back here with a short review. But that also a reason why I' d like to get some info how to test that properly instead of just saying Whouah it is good of well it is not great...

Please post a few tips for the testing and calibration....

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No ? still no hints ???

All right.

I am getting my Tv tomorrow...We will see...Sunday for a quick (non expert unfortunately) review
I don't think anybody is reading that thread so I will make it short:

-Tv is mind blowing, work right there perfectly

-User friendly, it detects all equipment and set it up for you

-xbox360 is the best video game visuals I have seen in my life (anywhere even in stores, shows pictures). simply amazing

-Digital pictures are gorgeous. Beats every thing I have seen before. My wife spent hours looking at our kids...This is a revolution in familly pic viewing

-Good old game cube using 480i (not even component cable) is also great (good upscale conversion). That 's a devine surprise

-Dvd are just perfect, I don't see why I would go back to any theater to watch a movie

NOW one BIG concern with the TV : the HEAT. This is great for the winter, I really don't need any additional source of heat, the entire house is taken care of thanks to the tv. but I am in texas so that will be annoying...

If you can live with that , just go for it....
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on certain football games does the field look lime green?

i have the 62526 and i have a lime green poblem with some football fields and foliage on some movies :(
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