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Testing the Canon RF 24-240 Lens in 8K

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Very long zooms - near-par focal? Focus pulls - focus breathing? Stabilization. Wide shots - is there distortion? Long Shots - is there detail? AF when the camera changes its position - how fast to lock on?

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This is an excellent lens and one that does behaves nearly par focal when used in conjunction with the R5. It's very sharp for a lens that offers a 24-240mm range and, IMO, it's sharper and better behaved then the Sony 24-240. With the Canon lens you can achieve reasonably smooth zooms which I found more difficult with the Sony lens. The stabilization is also very good when combined with the Canon's IBIS.

Mark: Check your PMs.
The questions I posed in the OP are answered by watching the video. There is no talking head, no monologue, no claims or comments; you can just watch how the lens performs in these tests and draw your own conclusions. I don't disagree with Ken's assessment.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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