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Testing/verifying a amplifier power output?

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Is there a way to test/measure a amplifier's power output to verify its advertised continous wattage output?

My amplifier has a single 15A IEC inlet, but with an option to add a second 15A IEC. I would like to measure my amplifiers output to see how much power I am missing by not having two separate dedicated circuits running the amp with regards to its advertised continous output.

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You would likely never hear -nor have a source which would require that kind of power from your amplifier.

If you want to measure the output capability, you are gonna have to spend some money on resistors, meters, and fuses.
It would be easier to contact the manufacturer and get some information from them or look for reviews of the equipment.
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To properly measure an amplifier's output requires proper test equipment and technical knowhow, including an oscilloscope to observe the output waveform for signs of clipping and signal generator.
I believe both suggestions are above my skills, in addition to not having the necessary tools to perform. However, I thank you for those replies.

I wish there was an easier way to accomplish this task.

Does the fuse blow or the circuit breaker trip?

Fuses don't limit power until they trip.

On the other hand:

Some large power amplifiers are happier with a low source impedance AC power.

(adding a second AC circuit would lower the source impedance)

Will you hear the difference - probably not.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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