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Texas Instruments makes home theatre gears too?

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For those who are interested, here is the URL of the news that Burr-Brown is acquired by Texas Instruments:

You won't see TI only on your calculators but also on your home theatre gears too!

Hm... I guess the rivalry between Analog Devices (Denon AVR-5800) and TI (future Yamaha receivers???) will expand to home theatre areana due to extensive use of DSP technology...

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They also have a digital amp maker...Spectron I believe. This digital amp technology is really exciting and could change audio in the coming years. Check BelCanto's EVo 200.2 as well as TaCT's amp. Also look at Tripath; Spectron (I think, NOT Spectral) and CAL audio. There are probably others too.

With this new amp technology and Burr-Brown's expetise; TI could be a major player as early as next year.

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