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I'm currently painting my theater room and have a bulkhead coming down directly where my surround speakers are placed. This makes the tweeters pretty close to the (completely flat) ceiling. I was going to just paint over this as normal and leave it as-is but then saw some of the "Acousti-Tex" mix in a store and that got me thinking...

Has anyone here at AVS ever used this stuff for some light diffusion properties? I was thinking perhaps I'll paint the bulkheads/areas around the back of my room (where surround speakers/soundfield are) with something like this mixed in.

Would this be at all helpful for some light diffusion of my surround speakers? They are direct-firing PSB Image B25 bookshelves right now until I upgrade in 6 months or so. Or would it be a complete waste of time/effort?

If necessary I can take some pictures of the back of my room. Here is a link to the stuff I saw in-store, feel free to give other suggestions of products if you have'em. http://www.homaxproducts.com/product.../10/index.html

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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