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Alright guys, I've now been searching around here for probably in excess of 2+ hours trying to track down the cause, and or fix to my issue.

Here's the low down....

Panasonic Th-50px600u, hooked up to a brand new PS3 via HDMI, as well as an HD DTV box. Cables were purchased from our very own monoprice.com, and it is plugged into the first and second HDMI port on my TV.

I am having a LARGE amount of grain(stary effect) while playing BD's and watching TV(HD and regular). It is extremely noticeable during dark moments, and is still prevalent throughout the movie, and also while watching DTV.

I've switched HDMI cables with DTV box, and switched ports on my TV. I have also switched manually to 1080i, as well as 720p to experiment, and neither has worked. The PS3 is updated to firmware 2.53, and to my knowledge, that is up to date.

When I play a BD, the TV seems to flicker, the black levels look great, then it flickers again, and the grain becomes extremely noticeable, and stays like that for the remainder of playback.

This issue has been checked across numerous BD, resident evil(#1), Rudy, Casino Royal, Mirrors, and TONS of HD cable channels.

Long post I know, but I like to be thorough. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated guys. Hopefully this is some kind of fixable, non-expensive issue(crosses fingers).

EDIT: Forgot to add, the Pani has been calibrated with settings via this forum.


Pic. Mode-Cinema

Picture- +22

Brightness- +8

Color- -1

Tint- -4

Sharpness- -14

Color Temp.- Warm

Color mng.- On

C.A.T.S.- Off

Video NR- Off

Black Level- Light


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I am having a similar problem with my TH-42PX60U. I first noticed it on the Xbox 360 dashboard. Certain shades of green will be really noisy like the pixels are all moving around. I first noticed it with my old component 360 hooked up directly to my Denon AVR1909. I have an approx 20 foot run of HDMI and component from my rack to the TV. I tried bypassing the receiver using the component cables, I tried a new HDMI 360 and now that I look I notice it in shades of blue on the main screen of my DMP-BD35. The last thing I have to try is to pull the TV off the wall and see if the long runs of cable to the Tv are causing it. I doubt this is the case since both component and HDMI are are showing the same issue.

Did you ever resolve the issue on yours? It is not terribly noticeable most of the time except for the times I mentioned. While watching Bluray or HDTV it is noticeable if you get up and look for it. I have a sneaking suspicion that something is going bad with the TV as I have not noticed it before. Am still not 100% sure though as I just noticed it after I installed the TV into my new basement theater, have never had long runs to it before.
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