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TH-58PZ800U or TC-P54S1

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Replacing a 2006 panasonic 720p plasma which is currently in my den.

2k budget

Pretty satisified with panny, so I want to stick with them for a larger 1080p screen ( use this set mostly for bluray's and sports )

TH-58PZ800U or TC-P54S1? I know much better PQ on TC-P54G10, but will a really see a major difference. ( at the loss of a bigger screen as well )

Also, know that 58v10 coming soon - should i wait for further price drops
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I just picked up my TC-P54S1 at Best Buy brand new for 1200...the cost is down to 1500 for them though...I got a special deal

I love it, I'm coming from a 50" Hitatchi 1080 plasma I had (moving to another room) I am very happy, picture is a bit better, though I cant complain, I liked the other set just fine.
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Go with the TH-58Z800U! Both model are very good, the TC-P54S1 does have minimal advantages with increase, contrast (contrast number should always be taken with a grain of salt), 600Hz sub-field vs. 480Hz, and 1080 vs 900 moving picture resolution.

But the 58 incher is bigger, and size matters with HDTV. The 16% increase in viewing area is more significant.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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