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Hey..whats up guys
This is my first post on this site and im happy to say I purchased a TH50PH9UK 2 days ago for a great price. The 5yrs of Panny Warranty also got me. The TV is arriving Friday afternoon. I have been reading all the stickys and posts on this tv and found much valuable info.

I have a quick question: I want to connect my PC (ATI x1900xt video card) to my 9uk. I was thinking about purchasing 2 additional slots HDMI/DVi. I am on tight budget right now and rather spend just for the HDMI slot.

If I use the vga connection on the TV but use a VGA to HDMI Tip Convertor, will this be ok? My brother said I would probably lose some signal but its probably better than component. Im also thinking about getting a good component switch box so that I can thow my gaming systems on there, do u much lost quality these ways?

Any response is appreciated. Thanks alot guys for your time.
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