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I reported a few weeks ago that I was having trouble with my new Da-lite Da-mat High Contrast (permwall) screen (92") in that it was showing some vertical dark streaks on bright scenes, especially with movement. Well, Blake Brubaker of Da-lite contacted me and arranged to have a new screen fabric sent out to me and this has fixed the problem.

Apparently there was a production problem with the first, but this one looks great.

Thank you to Blake and to Da-Lite for all your help in taking care of this in such a speedy and satisfactory way. I really appreciate your excellent customer service.



Paul B. Musser

[email protected]

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I had the same problem with my 119" permwall with standard Da-Mat. Blake also had mine replaced and the problem is gone. I don't think I've ever received better customer service than I received from Da-Lite. They weren't satisfied until I was satisfied. Thanks again Blake!

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