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Thank you Mr. Gates!

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See the picture; 'nuff said!

NEC XG 110...

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For those of you newbies, this is a classic case of text burn. It's a Windows password screen left on the CRT face for 5500 hours. It makes the tubes totally useless for video use.


I thought you knew better! ;)
Wow...how could someone leave that password window up for so long...talk about stupidity.
Man, you guys will complain about anything :D:D:D:D:D
that's nasty! though I'm wondering how a BSOD would look like after 5500 hours ;)
The BSOD would take on new meaning for your blue tube, I'd think!

Let's ban together and add" Windows image burn" to all those class actions suits against Mr Bill. Maybe we'll end up with enough so we can all buy new tubes!:D
... and like many other NEC installs that we seem to see, this is yet another inefficient use of phosphor area!

That un-burnt area to the left/right of the 4x3 burn should have been about 1/2 as wide.


in any case, it seems that the tubes are weared, even not considering the text burn...!

ok, ok. it seems very crazy to me too.... :(


A buddy of mine just bought a 701 s that has the words 'It is now safe to shut down your computer' burned into the tubes, the red tube is most affected. If anybody has an extra red tube for the BD 701 s, let me know ;-)

This is the worst blue I've ever seen. I was told this tube didn't work, but it does, I think its just so burned you can't see any outuput. I don't know if Mr. Gates is responsible for this one, its a blue from a Sony D50, and I'm pretty sure it didn't get like this in the 6000 hours it was used by watching a movie a night.
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Oh yeah? I'll see that tube burn, Paul, and raise you...;)

I just purchased a sony 1272Q with 1800 hours and will be using it for a display device for my computer. I want to beat the burn, any suggestions? Should I have my start bar move around the screen every few days? What color schemes in XP cause less burn than others? I mostly will be playing games (Jedi Knight 2 in high res on a big screen is really fun - also halflife! - and don't get me started on the size of lora crofts tits in tomb raider :) And probably play a LOT of baldurs gate and neverwinter nights on this thing - DAMN D&D has come a long way from the coffee table!! Thanks in advance.
Most would NOT recommend CRT for computer games because computer games, by their nature , are esentially just static images(majority of the background is static and only a tiny bit of foreground movement). You'll have to expect burn in and can only delay it by running your contrast and brightness settings a few notches below blooming.IMHO.
Most new games are 3-D etc so the image is moving just as much as any movie. However there can still be static images in the foreground such as level meters etc..it must have been a lot worse in the 70's and the 80's...
I mean, I've heard of people forgeting their passwords, but this is rediculous. :D
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