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Thanks for the info. need help???

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:) Hello fellow enthusiast. I'm new to the forum & currently in the middle of building my dream HT. I've been reading past thread for about 3 months and figured to join. You guys have been a real help with info. for my project (DIY). I would like to say Thank You !!! keep up the good work for others to benefit.

I have been looking into FP for quite some time there is a lot of choices I pulled the trigger on the Screenplay 110 when heard NEC was introducing there DLP display. Since I am a huge NEC fan & the HT1000 has been so far well recieved by you guys I've decided to take the plunge, but I have a small issue maybe you guys can help me with.

The ceilings in my HT is only 81"( I know but I'm only 5'3") My screen size is 80X60 (4:3) If I use the parameters from the user manual my screen would be only 9" form the floor. My center channel would be on the floor (assuming my calculation are correct). I was wondering if the pj had any corrections for this even if the pj was not installed by the book. Any help would be appreciated. I have to complete this before Christmas as a family present. Thanks again guys.
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Is your CC taller than 11"? If not, it could go at the top of the screen, and you could point it down. 9" is low; I wouldn't be able to lean back in our recliner and see the bottom. ;)

Edit: Nevermind, I see there is no lens shift.
Don't put the center channel on the floor, It would be much better to use "phantom" if you have that capability. Maybe a 16x9 106" diag (52x96") would be a better choice for a screen if you have the width to accommodate it. 15" or above the floor is OK
With the NEC 110 you can get within 11" of the ceiling, right? How wide can you go? Do you have your screen purchased already?

Maybe you can cut a hole in your ceiling to raise the pj... with proper venting installed, of course...

(Yeah, from the woman who is full of impractical brainstorming ideas...;) )

The reason I ask is that the 80" width will cause your 2.35 movies to be a lot smaller than you might hope for. What is that, 34" height then? Are you going to be watching a lot of 4:3 material? More than movies? Are you using a fixed screen or a pull down? Dedicated room? What's the width of the wall you are using? Usable width? How far back are you sitting from your screen?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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