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A couple of years ago I had to choose,

Replay or Tivo, well Tivo it was sins Best Buy had them.

A series 1 with 14 ours of recording!

True the years a DTivo ended up in my household

(Sony Sat60 with dual tuners) and was upgraded with a 160 gig B drive)

As for Tivo one it's still going strong, my 5 year old has it,

(has an 80 gig B drive)

Then Cosco had the 5060 on sale for 179$

So what did I had to lose?

Well after 2 weeks I don't use the Tivo anymore!


Picture quality is better, better colors, as is the none childish interface, no thumbs up nor thumbs down "feature"

Besides a couple of lockups,

(they are fixed now, thanks to this board)

The unit works perfect!

I love the CA, live TV buffer of more then 30 minutes,

Folders you can name for recorded stuff, Zones, ext.

So now it's time to get a another Replay before the "new"

model comes out without the CA!

So if you think the competition is better,

Trust a long time Tivo user, NO it is not!

P.s a 200 gig Maxtor 7200 rpm is in there now and gives me just what I need.

More recording space!

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Welcome to the ReplayTV side of things. Glad you are enjoying your new box. If you think that the features you just mentioned are cool, wait until you have a second unit and can start using the networking features. Three things that I think are great.

1) I've recorded a show in the bedroom, but want to watch it in the family room. No problem.

2) I have a conflict in the family room, but really don't want to go to the bedroom to set a recording. No problem, I can indicate on the family room Replay that I want to record it on a networked machine.

3) DVArchive is just about the best thing about ReplayTV right now. Pulling shows off the ReplayTVs to a firewire drive, is fantastic.


Matthew in CO.
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