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First off, thank you to all who share thier experiences here. Without you, I would have never attempted to build my own screen.

I am far from handy, so I kept my "method" very simple.

I wanted an 84" screen with a 10" border around it, and that is now what I have.

First step was to nail a Parkland directly to the drywall (84" gave me plenty of a margin).

Next, I applied 2 coats of Behr Silver Screen (love those enhanced blacks).

Finally....the tricky part.

My PJ is 4 x 3 (Sharp dt-200) and I only use it in 16 x 9 mode...hence the 10" border to elimate the light spill.

I really did NOT want to attach 1 x 10s to my wall, so I became creative.

I nailed 4 1x4s directly through the Parkland and into the drywall (measured to create an 84" border). I made sure that I nailed the boards on the outside edge (farthest from the viewing area), so I could "tuck" fabric under it.

Next I cut 4 strips of Velveteen (about 13" wide), and using 2 nails a piece, I attached them to the wall.

Next, I "tucked" the Velveteen strips under the 1x4 boards using a butter knife. This did require some folding and additional cutting (corners)

I am very happy with the results. I was going to use Duventyne tape to "trim out" the rough outside edges, and to create "straight" lines, but I kinda like the "shaggy" look.

If I had to built another one, the only thing I would do different is to attach the Parkland to another board, so the screen could protrude from the wall further. As it is, it still has that "floating" screen look.
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