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Hi everyone:

Just purchased a remote based upoin the comments in this forum. I bought a Harmony 659 for CCity and brought home for a trial. Liked it.

I was wanting something not for me but for my wife when I'm away. This is true one button functionality.

Anyway, I looked at the comments and I bought the H676 for www.surfremotecontrol.com. Thanks Mike!

I liked the button layout better on this remote and I'm taking the 659 back.

You guys pointed me in the right direction!

One thing I like about the Harmony is this ability to leave equipment on.

I leave my Tosh 57HDX82 on all the time but on the unused DVI input with all the colors, brightness etc turned all the way down.

I like it that this remote will turn everything off but the TV and set the TV to the DVI input. Nice. Wifey doesn't need to know anything!

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