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The 10 Worst Wiring Jobs
Here are 10 of the worst wiring jobs ever.

Most installers have probably received calls from consumers who are freaking out because their system, for some unknown reason, just isn't working properly.

Only does the root of the problem become so obvious after going to the jobsite: the rat's nest in the basement, the bird's nest under the stairs, or the installer who just didn't care.

These wiring jobs range from systems destroyed by floods to an award-winning installer who is ashamed to admit they own such a disastrous system.

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Cleaning Up the Boss's System

This rat's nest of wires and overheating equipment belongs to Logic Integration owner Shawn Hansson.

I got a lot of flack, admits Hansson, who adds that it wasn't done right the first time because he likes spending time with his family.

Electrician Makes a Mess

The original installer of this system was an electrician who never was able to get the Fusion Research system functioning.

Michael Maniscalco of InvoStar was called in by the homeowner, who edits horse video and photos in a personal production studio.

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