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The 20 Best Looking Racks
We've rounded up the 20 best looking racks and are looking for more.

In the spirit of CE Pro's third annual Show Us Your Racks! contest, we've rounded up the 20 best looking racks on the planet.

These tidy A/V racks are tricked out, solve installation problems, are squeezed into tight spaces and accommodate unique functionality.

We're always looking to show off your best work. If you think you have a rack that tops this field, send it to us for the Show Us Your Racks! contest.

Here are The 20 Best Looking Racks.

Truly a Monster Rack

This installation is truly a monster! Five Cresnet head-end racks, five A/V floor-standing racks, and network equipment to boot! Nine Monster 5100 HTS Power Centers and fourteen Rotel 6-channel amplifiers deliver audio and video to over 30 televisions throughout the spacious 20,000+ sq. ft., one-quarter mile long home.

Phoenix Equipment Room

The client did not want to see any of the equipment for his theater or any other part of the home. We centralized the entire system and had an equipment room with custom cooling built to our specifications. The lighting was actually an idea Eric Wachenschwanz had as he was assembling the room - he thought it would give a strong impact when you first entered the space.

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