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I think most of us have encountered the limitation of players that will not accept 4GB + files on a usb device. Almost all of these players are linux devices so I started thinking about linux based file systems. Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 all support 10GB file sizes if you want. I formatted a usb drive as ext3 and placed some files on the drive.

The player , insignia brand, NS-BRHTIB said there was no content on the drive, but it DID recognize the drive content ! Without a drive inserted in the USB port the player does not display the options to select files from it. First I tried just an avi file. Player displayed USB/Video option, but said no content was on the drive. Added jpg and mp3 file to the drive and now the player displayed USB/Video/Music/Photo but still said there was no content on the drive.

Something odd was going on here. In one way it recognized the files but in another it said they were not there. I have serial port access to the board on this player so I logged in with a terminal to see what was going on. In the terminal I could go to the directory of the USB drive and had zero problems, reading, copying and moving files on the drive, so clearly the player had mounted the drive and was able to read the file system perfectly. I didn't have to type any commands or change any configuration.

I haven't dealt much with the broadcom chipsets these players use and the linux version they run but there is something odd going on here and I was hoping someone might have a clue as to where to look. Something is not listing the files as valid in the player application and I am not sure why.

If that could be overcome then people could format their externals as ext2 and use them with a lot of current players that will not work with things like NTFS which would be much harder to add to existing players. There are also ext2 drivers for windows so you can use the drive like normal in windows.
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