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The ads referred to by Jobs are up. (Not PVR related)

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The ads are here:

Not bad, gimmicky but with a point. The shot of the guy falling out of the picture and then bouncing back off the floor in the viruses ad is the best of the bunch.
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Oh, poop. There goes my bubble of the week.
Refurb core duo Mac mini's are up for the first time, as well: $699 instead of $799.
Why does Apple say they have HD versions up when they are only 848x496. Also 1 1/2 years ago they were running HD versions of the Slihouette iPod ads. I have not seen any of the new Apple ads in HD, which is dissapointing seeing as how they are supposed to be one of the leading computer companies involved in HD.
AFAIK, the first day they were up they had a low, medium, high and HD option. If you clicked on the HD option then you would have 3 options, either 480p, 720p or 1080p. This was the first day, before they were on the front page. I haven't checked back since
Too bad I can't view the ads from my PC!

My Powerbook display recently died, so I tried viewing the ads in Windows. After a series of quicktime updates I still haven't been able to see them. Now quicktime says:

QuickTime is missing software required to perform this operation. Unfortunately, it is not available on the QuickTime server.

That's typical from Apple. Highly detailed error message but worthless in terms of actually solving my problem.
Works fine on my Windows box. The [unfortunate] solution is probably to re-install QuickTime. :-/

Mplayer and vlc should work fine too.
Originally Posted by madSkeelz
Works fine on my Windows box. The [unfortunate] solution is probably to re-install QuickTime. :-/
Arghh. Before I complained, I updated quicktime from its menu and it went from verion 6.2 to 6.5.2. I also updated my ATI drivers. And it still didn't work.

Following your advice I uninstalled quicktime. Then, when I went to Apple site to look for the latest version I saw the ad and it said "requires quicktime 7. Click to install".

Now that I have QT 7 the ads all play as expected. But WHY WHY WHY couldn't quicktime have figured that out by itself? This is certainly "different", but hardly "better"!
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