Introducing the AVS Forum hands-on review process. Unlike magazines that have to prioritize print editions over their websites, AVS Forum operates in real time. When it comes to reviews and asking companies to provide new products to review, that's a huge difference and a significant advantage.  Time and again, we can get the conversation started before anyone else has even seen (or heard) a new product.

AVS Forum is the home of dedicated enthusiasts and early adopters who bravely discover the good and the bad that comes with living on the edge. Over the past year, I've examined the various approaches to reviewing products. I have decided—effective immediately—to institute a system that gets products in my hands, and therefore into the forum, as quickly and efficiently as possible: The AVS Forum Hands-On Review Process.

Step one is getting product to review before the competition. CEDIA and CES are the two shows that set the tone for the year. Effective immediately, I will make a simple request at those shows: Send review samples of new audio and video products to AVS Forum first!

Step two is simple: Start a hands-on thread about that product the moment it arrives. Not a week later, and certainly not when the review is done. The goal is to be the first to post first impressions as well as markedly increase the number of products that get considered for review.

Step three is the interesting part and where the magic happens. Going forward, I will blog about product experiences in the various active hands-on forum threads. This includes photos, videos, measurements, and subjective impressions.

If any given thread fails to gain traction, it can retire in peace. But, if members show keen interest in the product featured in the hands-on, that will trigger the next step…

Step four is converting the hands-on blog into a review. If there is significant interest in a product, I'll write it up as an editorial post for the AVS Forum homepage.

This fast-forward approach will make AVS Forum the go-to place for checking out new AV tech. Plus, it gives the community a voice in what products make the leap from forum thread to editorial review.

In order to get this process started, I am creating threads for all the products I currently have in for review. Follow this link to see the list. As I create new threads, I'll add the links to the list. Be sure to bookmark the page as it will serve as a "hub" for my AVS Forum hands-on posts.

Oh, and by the way, I take requests. CEDIA 2017 is just weeks away. Please let me know what product or products you are interested in seeing go through the hands-on review process.

Click here to see the current list of products that will receive the hands-on review process treatment.