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the best Component Cables??/

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Hi I have a simple question, which is the best model or brand of component cable i can get??..I want the best possible performance, I need to hook up my Scientific Atlanta 4200HD cable box to my hdtv with the best possible component cable, thanks for the help!!!
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You will be hard pressed to see a difference between brands. A component cable set is a very simple device and there is no reason to spend a lot of money on it. It's possible to spend $150 on an electrical outlet at a "high end" electronics store that won't do the job any better than $3 one at your local home center. The same is true for component cables. They are often available at places like Target, Walmart, Radio Shack, and sometimes Walgreens for under $20.

If you feel better spending more money on a specific brand name cable, by all means do it. Just be aware you are paying for the feeling rather than the performance.
oK, cool, you answered my question,thanks grey!!!!
Not Radio shack, they are overpriced there. I did see a decent set priced at Lowes recently.
CANARE cables are the best. I really think it makes such a huge difference.
you could make your own cables with some rg-6 cable some ends and a compression tool.
Got all my component cables at Target. They stock G.E. double shielded gold plated component cables for under $20.

Rick R

Do you have a financial interest in that link you're always posting? Solidsignal and Tivodealer have a store connection but are open about it. If you have a financial interest, it's only fair we know about it.
goto markertek.com and order their tecnec component cables.

I've been using a 50ft w/ my SA and other components to my pioneer pdp for almost 2 yrs now.

bottom line, if it's good for a broadcast house, It's good enough for me.

plus they have all kinds of other long cables if you need to pull cable thru walls.


I have no connection to markertek other than being a satisfied customer...
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